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Goshen, IN

I have known John and Kathy Drew for about 10 years. During my 14 year professional baseball career I have given pitching clinics for the Titans during a few of my off seasons. John is committed to giving players the opportunity to practice and improve their skills all year round with indoor and outdoor facilities. He is passionate about the game of baseball and it shows with his level of dedication to the teams he leads. John and Kathy care about the players on their teams and want their players to have success on and off the field. 

Eric Stults - Former MLB Pitcher




We have been participating in Elkhart Titans Baseball for 3 years now and it has been the perfect program for my son.  We had previously been with some other area programs but they were not what we, or he, were looking for in a baseball team.  In addition to excellent skill development, our son has learned the importance of respect and sportsmanship, which are important characteristics in raising a young man.  The Titans find competitive tournaments that are not too far away, they offer a fall ball program that is included in your summer fees and winter workouts all while keeping the dues very reasonable.  The Titans have given my son the foundation that allows him to excel and have developed him into an athlete that could move on to play college ball if he decides to.  My son loves Titans Baseball and he, and us, cannot wait for the upcoming year."        

Chris Patterson (Ethan, 2016-2018)




John and Kathy gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, they let me enjoy my summer by playing the greatest sport in the world! They both had no idea who I was prior to the Titans, they took a chance on me and I can’t be more thankful for them! They create a chance for young children to develop and grow into young and respectful men who play the game of baseball the right way, by giving 110 percent on every single pitch and respecting the opposing players, coaches, and fans. Even after you are done playing with the Titans John and Kathy do a great job of staying in touch and giving you endless opportunities to still be involved with the game of baseball, they offer you field maintenance positions, coaching opportunities and they always treat their former players, parents, and fans as if they are family members. Playing for the Elkhart Titans has given me the chance to create relationships with teammates that will last forever! The Elkhart Titans is a brotherhood and a family! John and Kathy have been a blessing to my life! I can’t thank them and all the coaches enough for all the chances and knowledge they have given me! 

Once a Titan Always a Titan! 
Brandon Terry (2013-2015)




The Elkhart Titans Baseball Club is the premiere travel baseball organization in Northwest Indiana. As a former player, I can tell you that the experiences I had were hands down a major contributing factor to me getting recruited to play at the collegiate level. John and fellow staff members are willing to do whatever it takes to give every player an opportunity to become a better baseball player as well as a better person. Respect for the game of baseball, for God, and for your team was a well-taught by everyone in the program. I owe a lot of my abilities as a baseball coach today to the things I learned from the Elkhart Titans. I know there are many programs that charge you $2,000+ to be just another jersey number that gets lost in the fold. However, when you become a Titan, you become a part of a family; and that stays with you for life. 

TJ Guthrie (2010-2011)




I have been around the Titans organization for about two years. Both of those years have been as a coach. I have only positive things to say about the Titans! It is an organization made to not only make better baseball players, but better men as they learn what it means to be competitive while practicing sportsmanship and teamwork along the way. Titans Baseball is a great family owned and run program and it’s designed to help players grow on and off the field. They have a loyal base of players/families and it draws from many different cities, counties, and backgrounds. I would definitely recommend the Titans for anyone looking to have a great all-around baseball experience!

Mike Tarala (Asst Coach 2015, Coach 2016)





I played for the Elkhart Titans 18U program for 5 years and have been involved on and off for another 4 years. Throughout this time, I've noticed a trend the Elkhart Titans put the players and their own personal development first. They hold regular offseason practices and provide the players with access to fields and cages for their own individual work. The Titans were there for me providing support even during games by allowing me to work on multiple positions to better myself for college ball.
John Drew and others have done a great job keeping that mentality running throughout the entire organization by providing the opportunities for kids that are desperately seeking. 
I'm grateful to be represented by and be able to represent the Elkhart Titans organization.

Quentin Herbster (2008-2012)
Former Elkhart Titan
Former Grace College Lancer
Former Hollywood Star




I am a certified Minor League/ NCAA/ NAIA/ IHSAA umpire and from the beginning of travel baseball I have had objections to the way travel teams run organizations and have refused to participate in any manner to support or help to promote travel baseball in any manner due to the intensive workloads and treating players as a paycheck rather than individual players trying to improve themselves as players and young men. Then I was introduced to John and Kathy Drew. I was invited to help umpire a sensational wood bat tournament at the end of July four years ago. I was so impressed by the Titan organization. Not only the way the organization ran such a top notch tournament, but the way the players, coaches and John and Kathy conducted themselves throughout the tournament. The Titan Organization is about playing the game the right way with respect of coaches, officials and fellow players as well as an effective blend of FAITH! Not only Titans coaches but the way the other quality coaches that participate in Titan leagues and tournaments stress about doing things in a manner that can bring respect as a team and an individual. I salute the Titan organization and John and Kathy for running a class organization and respect the countless hours they all put in to help build one of the classiest travel experiences that anyone could enjoy!

Kenneth G. Phillips




I began playing for the Elkhart Titans when I was 16. I played on the 18U team. Playing with older teammates really pushed me to be the best player I could be. It was a great experience and really helped give me the confidence to play at the next level. I currently am playing at Adrian College. I also continue to play for the Titans on their adult team in the summer. John and Kathy are great people and I appreciate all they have done for me and kids like me that just want to play baseball!

Brandon Milligan (2013-2015)




My son played multiple sports through his Sophomore year of High School, but he had had to eliminate baseball by his Junior year to pursue competitive swimming. While his swimming season demanded much of his time and conflicted with winter baseball workouts, he still had a strong desire to play the game. Someone recommended the Titans as a way for him to continue to develop his skills as a catcher.  He traveled with the Titans high school team for two seasons, where he enjoyed competitive play and great coaching. I witnessed Coach Drew’s love for the game and dedication to his team. He has a desire to play a pure, true game instead of striving to antagonize the other team. Yes, he played to win, but more importantly, he played with dignity. The boys never left the field ashamed of their coach. Coach John Drew is a man of integrity and mild temperament, whose coaching philosophy is to emphasize the positive and to treat all players fairly and respectfully. He does everything he can  to help the boys develop to the peak of their abilities, even to the point of building a private workout facility and establishing the team’s home field.

My son also took advantage of the opportunity to play ball with the men’s team while he was still in high school. I believe his catching skills improved with the Titans, so much so that he was a walk-on starting catcher during his freshman year in college. He continued to play college ball for a couple of years, until his engineering studies demanded his focus. Remarkably, while his teammates from high school were burned out and left the game by the time they graduated, my son was still in the game! The Titans not only prepared my son to play at the collegiate level, but also enhanced his love for baseball.

Jeff Bavar (Travis 2012-2013)




I had the privilege to coach with the Elkhart Titans organization for 3 years.  What's been most rewarding personally, wasn't the "hardware" that we won over the years or the win column, but the relationships that were developed and still hold true to this day.  We still look back and head down memory lane and talk about the "good times" on and off the diamond.

The Elkhart Titans organization is a place where baseball players can better themselves in the game with the help and support from coaches and past players.  This is accessible with the use of indoor and outdoor practice facilities, College showcase tournaments, local tournaments and leagues, pitching and hitting clinics, etc.  It's also a place where they can develop life lasting relationships, important life lessons and moral values.  

As a past IHSAA and Collegiate baseball player and coach, I'm a firm believer that the support, life lessons and moral values are an important part of the game of baseball that mold these athletes in to young men who can take their great memories and lessons learned with them as they move on in life after they graduate school.

Matt Cripe, Former 18U Head Coach and Treasurer 





The Elkhart Titans have been a mainstay in the Hoosier Classic Tournaments in Fort Wayne, Indiana for years now and it is a blessing to have them involved. Dealing with John Drew and their entire staff has always been enjoyable and we cherish the relationship between the Titans and World Baseball Academy.

The Titan's program does a great job not only teaching and coaching the great game of baseball, but also those life lessons and building those relationships and bonds with young people. Elkhart is and always will be welcome in our events because of their leadership, sportsmanship, and willingness to compete in a game of baseball and life.

Andy McManama - Director of Operations

World Baseball Academy  





My son Isaiah has been a Titans ballplayer since he was 10. He is going into his sixth year. From the first year it was apparent that the coaches cared about the boys they coached. The coaches were a reflection of the Titans values that John and Kathy lead with. I had the opportunity to work closely with John and Kathy as I first was an assistant coach then manager for 4 years. Through that time the early observations of organizations values were reinforced time and again. On numerous occasions we received compliments at tournaments on how we conducted ourselves on and off the field. The boys showed respect to all they came in contact with. Always respected the umpires, facilities, and regardless of their feelings. This reflects how we practiced and played the game. It's clear that John and Kathy aren't in it for the money but to create opportunities for boys to play competitive baseball the right way.  Personally the time I spent on the field with these young men and my son created a lifetime of memories that I cherish. My son is better equipped for the life ahead of him because he has and is playing for the Elkhart Titans.

Duane Yoder – Coach 2011-2016 (Isaiah 2011-current)





I owe many thanks to the Elkhart Titians baseball organization.  I have been working with this organization for a number of years.  I see many children go to this organization and they definitely get good instruction.  I even put my son through the organization.  I was well please with the training they do with the children.  I see many kids come in the organization with mess up skills and with the work of Elkhart Titans trainer by the time the camp is over the kid’s skills were improved.  Elkhart Titans coaches extremely detailed with drills, information, and arm care, strength/conditioning/training.

I recommend the Elkhart Titians to anybody that is looking to put their children in a great baseball organization. Kids, remember that it is worthless if you do not put a lot of work in.

So grateful for the work you have given me over the years with Elkhart Titans.  I enjoyed the friendship but most of all the quality of instructing. You have a great organization and I appreciation all you do for the city of Elkhart.

Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Drew


Bryan Taylor – Umpire (Kevon, 2016-2017)